Established in 2023 and registered in London, United Kingdom, Kaweyan International offers a host of tailored and need-based interventions to support migrants. Our services have been designed after an in-depth analysis of migrants in the UK, their issues and challenges, and their dreams and aspirations, while keeping in mind the complex socio-cultural dynamics that play an important role in their families. 

We provide training, consultancy, business development support and advisory services to migrants.  We also provide support to migrants seeking employment. We are facilitating migrants’ access to literacy, numeracy courses and to psycho-social support. Our core services are detailed below.

Business Management Training

Kaweyan offers a range of short-term business management courses in different areas including human resources management, financial management, business planning, operations management, marketing, sales and business communication. Our courses are certified by the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank) and we have experienced IFC certified Trainers and Curriculum Developers. Our training curricula are highly interactive and have been adapted to the special learning needs of adult learners, particularly those with low literacy.

Job Readiness Training

For migrants who are eager to join the workforce of the host country and are looking for employment, Kaweyan connects them to providers of specially designed courses on job searching, networking, interviewing skills, resume and cover letter writing as well as office etiquette. This is crucial as many migrants are not able to understand how to find and respond to job opportunities in an unfamiliar market.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Courses

Our entrepreneurship and leadership courses are specifically designed for people who are willing to start-up their own small business in the host country. In addition to developing business management, networking, liaising, negotiation and deal closing, people management, public speaking and leadership skills, these courses also focus on enabling migrants to understand the legal and financial structure of the local economy so that they may set-up and operate businesses that conform to local laws.

Local Language and Computer Literacy Courses

One of the biggest challenges faced by migrants as they try to integrate in a new environment is language and intercultural challenges. In most cases, migrants are unable to communicate in the local language, which becomes a major hurdle for them in their day-to-day lives. In addition, some migrants, especially women, are illiterate. Most migrants, particularly women, also lack basic computer skills, which is a key barrier to their inclusion in the job market and is one the reasons why most migrants are restricted to blue collar jobs. Kaweyan arranges the provision of intensive local language courses together with computer literacy courses, thus contributing to bridging the gender digital gap and economically empowering women.

Civic Awareness Courses

Most migrants are unaware of the local civil and commercial laws, , rules and regulations related to income, taxation, and insurance. They face difficulties in different aspects of their day-to-today life, such as finding and renting a house, applying for and obtaining driving licenses, and accessing health care; such simple tasks are fraught with challenges. Kaweyan has specially designed civic awareness courses that aim to assist migrants in integrating successfully in the society of the host country.

“Hand-Holding” Support and Services

Kaweyan International offers a wide range of additional support services for migrants. While our core aim is to support the establishment and development of migrant businesses, we also endeavor to provide much needed support to migrant students, job-seekers and home-makers and provide crucial advisory services in order to help them connect to the dedicated providers of services and support specifically designed for migrants.

Business Development Services

We provide market intelligence, analyses and assessments to support migrants in building their startups and small businesses. We connect local businesses owned by migrants to regional and international markets and buyers and enable them to enhance their product and service competitiveness. Kaweyan also assists businesses to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for their existing business or new start-up in the local, national and international markets.

Job Placement Services

Migrant job seekers are often unable to successfully access the local job markets of the host country, as they are unaware of the correct information channels, job application and recruitment processes and even educated and qualified migrants face challenges in finding jobs. We bridge the gap between migrant job seekers and the job market and employers through our employment and job seeker database wherein we match available opportunities to people with matching skills and also conduct job fairs to connect job seekers and potential employers.

Networking and Liaising Services

Kaweyan’s team of business development experts support migrant businesses in developing B2B networks at the local, regional and international levels, and facilitate the participation of businesses in local and international trade fairs.

Post-Trauma and Psycho-Social Support for Migrants

Immigrants fleeing conflict have experienced harsh conditions within their homeland, enroute, and at their final destination, which seriously compromises their mental health and makes them susceptible to stress, depression and mental illness. Even though migrants show remarkable resilience, they need extra support to rebuild their lives in an alien environment. Kaweyan connects migrants to experienced mental health workers and programs and it supports migrants in regaining their mental wellbeing.

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